Age:23 -Height:172 cm


Age 23
Nationality Thai
Height 172 cm
Weight 55 kg
Hair Long and Black
Skin Fair Complexion
Eyes Brown
Figure Slim and Busty
Dress size: S/10UK/8US
Cup size: 34C-22-36
Tattoos & Piercings No piercing and one small tattoo. For discretion reasons, these have been removed from the pictures.
Smoker No Smoking
Languages Fluent Thai; Conversational English
Matchmaking Likes: Confident, charming, active, passionate, humour, adventurous, outgoing, intelligent, candid.

Dislikes: Rude, aggressive, disrespectful,complicated, stubborn.


Tania is mesmerisingly beautiful! You have just found the lady of your dreams!!. Classy, sensual, sophisticated, open-minded, she will fill your days and/or nights with fun and perfect pleasure.

The seductive and feminine Tania is gorgeous in a lively and elegant package. This beautiful curvy lady has a playful charm and sensuality that will have you wanting more. Elegantly presented, Tania knows how to create an indelible impression!

Friendly, easy to please and courteous, Tania is the perfect high-class escort for you. Especially if u want to enjoy some pampering, massage and relaxation. Tania is a breath-takingly beautiful young lady with style and substance. A delight to be with as her vivacious and sparkling personality and beauty naturally light up any occasion. She just loves to spend her time with sophisticated gentlemen, to fulfil all their desires, to seduce and be seduced. Tania is a true master of seduction.!

Tania about herself: “I’m a tall, curvy and sensual woman. I’m very spontaneous and I would love to have a deep, interesting conversation with you. I love dancing, cooking and writing. A date with me will be a date to never forget!.

How does being fully immersed in a warm, sensual and loving embrace of a beautiful woman sound? Does it make you tingle all over?  I know how to make you feel just that way. I have a no rush attitude that’s guaranteed to melt all of your stresses away. Let me ask you, When was the last time you allowed yourself to escape from the rest of the world and just relax? I like trying new things so lets make it happen!!”

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