Age:26 -Height:171 cm


Age 26
Nationality Thai
Height 171 cm
Weight 64 kg
Hair Short Hair Dark Blonde
Skin Fair Complexion
Eyes Brown
Figure Tall and Slim
Dress size: S/10UK/8US
Cup size: 36C-24-35
Tattoos & Piercings No piercing and one small tattoo. For discretion reasons, these have been removed from the pictures.
Smoker Social Smoker
Languages Fluent Thai; Conversational English
Matchmaking Likes: Spontaneous, humour, friendly, active, sweet, romantic, passionate.

Dislikes: Control freak, inflexible, stubborn, pushy, rude, inconsiderate.


Savannah is Amazingly Awesome! Have you been searching for a feminine, friendly, petite, mature, intelligent, sensual muse to make your deepest wishes come true? Your search is over; the ravishing Savannah is here. Savannah will whisk you away on a magical carpet ride of ecstasy with her smooth flawless skin, soft lips, mesmerizing blue eyes and the most delicious body that few can resist.

But that’s just part of the story. Savannah is mature beyond her age. She is an avid reader and has a wide interest in travel, adventurous sports, music and theatre, which makes her the perfect high-class escort for mind, body and soul. Savannah is pure elegance slim and petite. From the first moment, her beautiful eyes will draw you to her and you will be powerless to let go. You will feel completely at ease with Savannah. She is a naughty, sexy and seductive vamp. Others describe her as “a special young woman, intelligent and fun, sweet but also very exciting”. But don’t just take our word for it, find out for yourself about her magic spell.

Savannah about herself: “I’m delighted you found me and I’m sure we’ll share an unforgettable encounter that leaves you breathless and yearning for more. What I will give you is absolutely unique and goes beyond the so-called ‘girlfriend experience. I am a companion for gentlemen of refined tastes who desire the most exquisite of pleasures. I am that pleasure. Classy, well-spoken, mature and educated. Indulge yourself in my captivating presence during a night out on the town, or allow me to pamper and cater to your every whim during a sexy night in. Bring your most secret and private fantasies to me, and we will make them come true together. Of course, discretion is very important and will always be respected. I look forward to the chance to spoil you!!”

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