Age:24 -Height:170 cm


Age 24
Nationality Thai
Height 170 cm
Weight 58 kg
Hair Long and Brown
Skin Fair Complexion
Eyes Brown
Figure Slim hourglass and petite
Dress size: S/10UK/8US
Cup size: 34B-26-33
Tattoos & Piercings No piercing and one small tattoo. For discretion reasons, these have been removed from the pictures.
Smoker Light Social Smoker
Languages Fluent Thai; Conversational English
Matchmaking Likes: Confident, adventurous, intelligent, flirtatious, teasing, curios, dominant, courteous.

Dislikes: Judgemental, shallow, egocentric, inappropriate, blunt.


Melinda is Fiery, Fabulous and the perfect combination of sweet and adventure…  naughty and seductive! Undoubtedly a unique individual, Melinda has a quiet confidence, intelligence, charm and elegance. She is sophisticated, yet extremely educated and easy to talk to, which will be a refreshing change for you!

Melinda has a pretty face with a toned and amazing body to match. Melinda is sensual by nature and free spirited at heart. Her interests are geared towards living a full, active, happy life with an open mind. She loves learning new things every day and is very intrigued by foreign places and other cultures as well. The world has so much to offer and Melinda wants to see and experience as much as she can. Could you be her new tour guide?

Melinda about herself: “I would describe myself as an energetic, adventurous girl, who enjoys life to the fullest. Spontaneity and enthusiasm are words that describe me. Take me out for a dinner date, live out some naughty fantasies, enjoy champagne with strawberries in a bath with me, let’s do it all!  I would love to get to know you mentally and physically. Would you love my warm hands rub your aching body with baby oil? Have me glide across your body like silk caresses skin? My biggest passion is dancing. I will seduce you with my graceful movements. Wild fantasies? I love them. In the beginning you might think I’m shy, but believe me, I can make your wildest dreams come true.  I’m a loving goddess who will take her time and will help you lovingly savour every moment of bliss. I know what you want… because I want the same!!.”

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  • Languages: Thai English French
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