Age:23 -Height:169 cm


Age 23
Nationality Thai
Height 169 cm
Weight 62 kg
Hair Semi-Long and Black
Skin Fair Complexion
Eyes Brown
Figure Slim and Elegant
Dress size: S/10UK/8US
Cup size: 34C-27-34
Tattoos & Piercings None
Smoker Light Social Smoker
Languages Fluent Thai; Conversational English
Matchmaking Likes: Passionate, social, sense of humour, playful, tolerant, adventurous, intelligent.

Dislikes: Conceited, arrogant, fake, shallow, biased, racist.


Celina is a Tasty Little Treat! She is certainly a delightful piece of candy for you to try. This young, sweet and charismatic girl is all about laughter, passion and good fun, complete with hot lingerie-model looks, you will find yourself immediately enchanted. What a stunning figure and beautiful face with an outgoing and fun character that makes her company so enjoyable.

Celina is the kind of girl you would want to be with because of her magnetic smile and personality. She’s an artful conversationalist and intelligent high-class escort, with a heart of gold. If you are looking to meet an attractive woman for role play and who inspires you, then you should definitely consider spending time with Celina.  Celina adores being with like-minded individuals who are curious and sensual. She will gladly please you on every level, from the intellectual to the physical.

Celina about herself: ”What would happen if your thoughts ran wild imagining a sexy seductive woman with all her naked curves standing before your very eyes? You would touch her smooth, silky skin, realizing that she comes as close to perfection as humanly possible. Even better, you would be captivated by her erotic charisma, her urgent desire to please and be pleased. I’m a lover, entertainer, thinker and adventurer. Spontaneity runs through my veins right alongside a hot-blooded river of passion. My imagination is incredibly sexy and takes me beyond the realm of ordinary.

My body is complimented by regular yoga practice and daily exercise. My legs are long and toned, my stomach lean and smooth with firm breasts that will wow you. My full lips and dramatic eyes are what dreams are made of. I’m curious to get to know you and to experience new adventures together.  I will do everything to please you, leave no stone unturned.

Let us embrace a magical affair that will create a diary of memories blurring the lines between fantasy and reality! Will you join me??”

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